20/11/2023   IJP on site at Dubai Creek Harbour, Dubai, UAE.

20/10/2023   IJP and KEO International visit the construction site of Dubai Creek Harbour and travel to Abu Dhabi, UAE.

17/05/2023   IJP and KEO International submit tender for a major new project in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

02/05/2023   Identity and Difference, Annuated Civic Typologies. New Harvard Graduate School of Design Option Studio on civic typologies.

15/12/2022   IJP enters the RIBA competition National Higways Gantries (with AKTII).

15/11/2022   UK Launch of the prototypes of the Stork Chair and the XYZ Table, in collaboration with Martha McNaughton PR. Related publications include the related online review 'IJP Architects Stork and XYZ' in SOANYWAY UK Issue 13, with photography by Aleks Belov. Other related publications include 'The Value of Individuality has eroded George L. Legendre' in DESIGNERATI UK Magazine.

21/09/2022   A fascinating video narrative on the story of Equinox is soon to be released on social media.


21/06/2022   Equinox is on show at 103 Colmore Row. The completion of Equinox (below) coincides with a retrospective of the late sculptor John Pickering (1937-2016). The exhibition opened on June 22 in downtown Birmigham in the newly completed 103 Colmore Row, and includes two collaborations with George L. Legendre.

14/05/2022   George L. Legendre promoted to Professor in Practice of Architecture at the Graduate School of Design (GSD), Harvard University, for a 5-year term. Legendre joins the ranks of the school's senior, non-tenured faculty in practice, alongside Jeanne Gang, Sharon Johnston, Hanif Kara, Toni L. Griffin, and Department Chair Mark Lee.

22/045/2022   Henderson Waves. Cast as a dystopian backdrop in the acclaimed 2016 Hollywood sci-fi Equals with Kristen Stewart and Nicholas Hoult. We've been meaning to post this for years!

22/01/2022   Kit House. New Harvard Graduate School of Design Option Studio on Off-Site-Manufacturing (OSM).

15/12/2021   Dubai Creek Harbour Central Footbridge. IJP Architects submit Detailed Design to Project Manager KEO International. The submission of this final report, which IJP was commissioned to deliver in parallel with its Design Guardianship role, marks the end of the firm's 3-year-long involvement with the project. A General contractor is in the process of being appointed, and construction should be completed within 24 months.


02/12/2021   Equinox at 103 Colmore Row. Fabricator Structural Stairways LTD and Contractor BAM Construction LTD make, finish, assemble, truck and install Equinox in the Winter Garden of the newly completed mixed-use high-rise 103 Colmore Row in downtown Birmigham by Doone Silver Kerr (DSK). The 1.5-ton, 7 meters-long steel structure was lifted and suspended into position on December 2 2021. Equinox is a collaboration with the late sculptor John Pickering.


08/10/2021   Manama Bahrain. IJP Architects submit Pre-qualification tender for a major infrastructural proposal in Manama, Bahrain, for a major local developer. The IJP-led Consortium includes Manama-based Ismail Khonji Associates, London-based AKTII and EQUATION, and Amman-based LZLA.

14/06/2021   Location Undisclosed. IJP-Led Consortium submit competition entry for a major invited international competition .

30/03/2021   Location Undisclosed. IJP Architects submit RFQ and prequalify as Lead Consultants for a major invited international competition. The IJP-led Consortium includes London-based AKTII and EQUATION, Amman-based LZLA, Riyadh-Based JLL, and MIT Aga Khan Professor of Islamic Art and Architecture Nasser Rabbat.

22/01/2021   Intuition and the Machine. New Harvard Graduate School of Design Option Studio on design and computation.

15/12/2020   Dubai Creek Harbour Central footbridge. IJP Architects and AKTII submit Schematic Design package.

02/11/2020   Equinox at 103 Colmore Row. IJP Architects submit Detailed Design package after 8 months of work and two prototypes. Contractor BAM Construction LTD appoints new fabricator, Midlands-based Structural Stairways LTD.

14/09/2020   IJP Architects and AKTII submit competition entry for Network Rail: Re-Imagining Railway Stations, UK.

20/06/2020   IJP Architects, AKTII, and Paris-based landscape architect Cristina Petralla submit competition entry for the MIA Museene i Akershus Logging Museum, Norway.

02/04/2020   Dubai Creek Harbour Central footbridge. Release of Preconcept Design in major UK media (Dezeen, AJ Magazine, Archdaily). IJP Architects and AKTII submit revised Concept Design package.

24/04/2020   11TH ANNUAL VISIONARIES FORUM Construction Institute University of Hartford. Panel speaker (INVITATION).

18/01/2020   Designing Architectural Research Symposium New York Institute of Technology. ROUNDTABLE and Exhibition of IJP's design and research. (INVITATION).

24/01/2020   Sedimentary Compounds, A New Art Centre for the Phi Foundation Montreal, CA. New Harvard Graduate School of Design Option Studio in collaboration with Phi Foundation, Montreal, Quebec.

18/01/2020   Symposium HITLAB 2020 ENSAM Montpellier France. KEYNOTE LECTURE on IJP's design and research (INVITATION).

12/12/2019   IJP Architects submit Concept Design of Equinox, a large steel sculpture for the winter garden of 103 Colmore Row, a mixed-use, high-rise scheme by Doone Silver Kerr for Sterling Property Ventures, Birmingham UK.

04/11/2019   Industrialised Wood-Based Construction Conference Boston USA George L. Legendre and prof. Robert Hairstans from Edinburgh Napier University deliver Keynote lectures. Watch it HERE
Other invitations to lecture include BIG DATA EUROPE CONFERENCE, Nov 26-28 Vilnius Lithuania Conference and BIG DATA DAYS CONFERENCE, Oct 8-10 Moscow Conference Talk.

04/03/2019   IJP Architects to commence work on Equinox, a large steel sculpture for the winter garden of 103 Colmore Row, a mixed-use, high-rise scheme by Doone Silver Kerr for Sterling Property Ventures, Birmingham UK.

04/01/2019   IJP Architects and AKTII Consulting Civil and Structural Engineers win overseas tender for a significant civic infrastructure project (with lighting Designer GIA Equation). Preliminary design to commence on largest project undertaken since the completion of Henderson Waves, Singapore.

15/11/2018   IJP Architects and AKTII Consulting Civil and Structural Engineers invited to tender for a significant piece of infrastructure overseas.

5/10/2018   RSPCA Consultation IJP, John Robertson Architects, and the Centre for OffSite Construction and Innovative Structures of Edinburgh Napier University pre-qualify for the RSPCA-led consultation on the Animal Centres of the Future.

26/08/2018   FORM HAIKUS by George L. Legendre published in Log 43, Anyone Corporation Publishers, NY NY. Guest-edited by Cameron Wu. The cover postcard features an excerpt of 'Penrose Wall', also on show at the Guildhall Gallery in London until October 28.


06/06/2018   Thames Funnel IJP submits an expression of interest for the Tooley Street Triangle, London EC1. Sponsored by the London festival of Architecture and the London Bridge Team.


11/05/2018   Sublime Symmetry Guildhall Gallery London, 11 May -28 October. 'Penrose Wall' by George L. Legendre exhibited beside William DeMorgan's Victorian ceramic art. The model was originaly commissioned by the London Mathematical Society as part of its competitive Artist Associateship Programme (2015).

20/02/2018   OSM Learning Week George L. Legendre and ENU professor Robert Hairstans lead an OSM leaning week in Edinburgh, Glasgow, and Inverness, Scotland. The week included factory visits at CCG and Carbon Dynamic.


18/01/2018   Model As Building - Building As Model George L. Legendre begins Harvard GSD option studio on OSM (off-site manufacturing).


10/11/2017   Chef's Corner E11 Making places, Ideas consultation, Waltham Forest, London.


10/07/2017   House of Colour on the shortlist of the AJ Magazine-sponsored competition. A playful structure covered with the familiar weatherboard cladding of British houses and barns. Thanks to a sampled photograph of a green field, however, the appearance of the playhouse undergoes an unexpected makeover. Sponsored by JamesHardie and Berkeley Homes. Engineered by AKT II.

26/03/2017   Design and Computation George L. Legendre presents IJP's work at Arup, London UK.


12/03/2017   Hackney Orb IJP and MOCT Studio submit a joint entry to the Architecture Foundation Antepavilion Competition. The temporary structure The exterior is made of sturdy, upcycled post-consumer plastic. Part green plastic (Recycled Plastic Sheet Moulding) and part fibre-reinforced composite, this material is remanufactured and strengthened without significant reprocessing in the UK. Engineered by AKT II.

10/12/2016   Design and Computation George L. Legendre presents IJP's work at Gensler, London UK.

10/11/2016   George L. Legendre presents IJP's work at Studio Egret West, London UK.

09/04/2016   IJP's first de-facto UK retrospective,There is Geometry in the Humming of the Strings, There is Music in the Spacing of the Spheres?: Conversations Across Art and Mathematics runs from April 9 to May 28 2016 at Peninsula Arts Gallery, Plymouth. Curated by Barry Phipps, Art Historian, University of Cambridge. Projects on show included IJP the Book of Surfaces (2003), Pasta by Design (2011), Thyssenkrupp Dubai (2009), LightBox Surrey (2009), Yeosu Expo Pavilion (2010), Clematis Montana (2012), and 30 Pieces (2015).

20/01/2016   George L. Legendre presents latest Harvard GSD Option Studio Mies Immersion (Final) The Performance Shed.

25/09/2015   The office completes LOST IN TRANSLATION IJP 2011-15, a 300-page-long compilation of IJP's recent research and production.

25/06/2015   George L. Legendre presents IJP's work and his recent collaboration with the London Mathematical Society at Max Fordham LLP Consulting Engineers, London UK.

18/06/2015   30 PIECES opens at GOLDSMITH'S HALL in the City of London. The installation was commissioned by the London Mathematical Society as part of a year-long celebration of its 150th anniversary.

07/05/2015   George L. Legendre completes latest Harvard GSD option studio. Final Jury with Mohsen Mostafavi, Lluis Ortega (UiC), Mariana Ibanez, Cameron Wu, Renata Sentkiewicz, Leyre Asencio, Homa Farjadi (Penn), Scott Cohen, Inaki Abalos and Neil Leach.

22/01/2015   George L. Legendre begins his latest HARVARD GSD option studio: BLOCK BLOB SLAB MAT SLAT.

19/01/2015   After three months in development, IJP/George L. Legendre, Alberti Ingenieurs Lausanne, and Amstein and Walthert Geneva submitted a joint competition entry for a new ICE-HOCKEY AND OLYMPIC SWIMMING COMPLEX in Lausanne, Switzerland.

03/12/2014   George L. Legendre is one of two selected recipients of the ARTIST ASSOCIATESHIP SCHEME launched by the LONDON MATHEMATICAL SOCIETY as part of its year-long celebration of its 150th anniversary. Legendre will work with professional mathematicians to produce a piece of research and a public installation.

17/10/2014   Following his presentation at SCIENCE FOO CAMP at the Googleplex over the summer, George L. Legendre gave a Keynote lecture before 5,000 attendees at the BIG DATA CONFERENCE, STRATA + HADOOP WORLD at the Javits centre in NYC.

17/10/2014   George L. Legendre and O'Reilly editor Jenn Webb discuss the work of IJP, the internet of things, and other subject of interest at the Javits centre in NYC on October 17 2015.

15/10/2014   George L. Legendre and former Gehry Tech research director Andrew Witt presented work and debated the present of geometry in ANALYTIC GEOMETRIES: THE NEW HOW, public lecture cycle organised at PRINCETON UNIVERSITY SoA by Alejandro Zaera Polo.

15/10/2014   George L. Legendre presented IJP at boardroom level at PARAMETRIC TECHNOLOGIES CORPORATION (PTC), in Needham MA. The North-American science software giant PTC develops the mathematical software used by IJP.

14/10/2014   George L. Legendre joined (from left) Mario Carpo, Andrew Witt, Greg Lynn and Cameron Wu for THE ADAPTIVE TECHNOLOGIES PANEL held at the GRADUATE SCHOOL OF DESIGN, Harvard University.

08/09/2014   George L. Legendre/IJP and George Arvanitis submitted a joint entry at the GUGGENHEIM HELSINKI open international competition.

08/08/2014   George L. Legendre attended this year's highly sought-after, invitation-only SCIENCE FOO CAMP at the Googleplex in Mountain View CA. The annual Silicon Valley ?unconference? focuses on emerging technology and is designed to encourage collaboration between scientists of different backgrounds and persuasions. Legendre's public talk was one of 10 selected amongst 80 proposals put forward by some of this year's 250 attendees.

21/03/2014   The conceptual art installation'One and Three Pasta' by Serkan Ozkaya and George L. Legendre opens at POSTMASTERS GALLERY in the NYC gallery district of Tribeca (400 visitors attended the opening).

21/01/2014   George L. Legendre begins his latest HARVARD GSD OPTION STUDIO: Real and Imaginary Variables IV Global Arenas.

21/12/2013   After 8 years of trading, IJP acquired its OWN OFFICES IN THE NEWLY DEVELOPED SoDa Studios at 268 Kingsland Road E8. Our move to Hackney took months to finalize and ends a 7-year-long period of tenancy in the Bermondsey area of South London. Happy to be gone, happy to be part of this artistic hub of East London.

12/06/2013   The Montpellier FAV installation by Legendre and GSD team manufactured by industry partner Technilum in the south of France. The nstallation launched in Montpellier on June 12.

21/05/2013   George L. Legendre joins an INTERNATIONAL COMPETITION JURY meeting in Kiev, Ukraine (May 25-26). Public lecture at the University of Kiev (May 25). George L. Legendre concludes Harvard option Studio Real and Imaginary Variables II (may 7).

21/04/2013   IJP shortlisted by major London patron to submit designs for a confidential London-centered design competition. IJP submits entry to the Oxford Mathematics sculpture competition.

15/04/2013   IJP and Nitro win third prize at the open international competition for The Cedres Footbridge, Lausanne. Entry exhibited at the University of Lausanne (April-May)

12/03/2013   IJP and Nitro Submit CHATEAU CHILLON COMPETITION ENTRY (Switzerland).

10/01/2013   IJP and Nitro submit TWO NEW COMPETITION ENTRIES for the CEOL Lausanne and Cedres footbridge in Switzerland. Scheme design of the Metis Grotto completed.

09/11/2012   Exhibition opening of the CEOL Lausanne competition at the Forum d'Architectures in Lausanne. IJP's entry, which was submitted in September 5 2012, is exhibited along 21 other proposals.

25/10/2012   George L. Legendre/IJP exhibit 'OH BORIS' at Somerset House, London, as part of the charity's Article 25 yearly fundraising drive (see review at One Stop Arts ). The digitally processed photograph, recreated on canvas with numerically-coloured text by a computer programme, was auctioned by Sotheby's at October 25 exceeding its reserve price - with all proceeds going to Article 25.

20/10/2012   The German edition of Pasta by Design ('PASTA UND DESIGN') is published by Springer Verlag, Berlin Heidelberg. Translation by Anna Schleizer. Reviewed in Germany and Switzerland in the national dailies FRANKFURTER ALLGEMEINE SONNTAGSZEITUNG and TAGESANZEIGER.

18/10/2012   'One and Three Pasta', a conceptual art piece by Serkan Ozkaya and George L. Legendre based on PASTA BY DESIGN is unveiled for a month at the Istanbul-based art gallery Galerist. IJP authored the numerically fabricated content and codesigned the exhibition space on budget and on time.

03/09/2012   IJP and Nitro submit a joint entry to the CEOL Lausanne gymnasium competition. the architects led a multi-disciplinary team of 4 offices: Alberti Ingenieurs (structure), Amstein& Walthert (environmental engineering), BETELEC (M&E) and BIFF facades (envelope).

04/05/2012   Legendre completes Harvard Spring '12 studio 'Real and Imaginary Variables'.

12/04/2012   IJP submits entry to the Helsinki Public Library international competition.

01/30/2012   George L. Legendre gives public guest lecture at McGill University, Montreal.

03/11/2011   150 guests attended yesterday?s book launch of ?Pasta by Design? at the B&B Italia showroom on Brompton Road SW3. George L. Legendre unveiled a Pasta-themed installation titled Pasta City?. George, Stefano Graziani and Marco Guarnieri greeted friends and signed multiple copies of the book. The chilled Prosecco flowed freely thanks to the first-rate catering by Gianluca D'Aversa of Pizzica Deli on Fulham Road.

04/10/2011   George L. Legendre gives public lecture at the University of Montreal, CA.

23/09/2011   George L. Legendre gives public lecture at the College of Architecture, University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

22/07/2011   AD Mathematics of Space guest-edited by George L. Legendre published by John Wiley & Sons, London 2011. Contributions by George L. Legendre, Daniel Bosia/AGU, Mark Burry, Bernard Cache, Amy Dahan, Max Kahlen/D&K, Panagiotis Michalatos & Sawako Kajima/AKT, Philippe Morel, Antoine Picon, Dennis Shelden & Andrew Witt/GTech, Fabian Scheurer & Hanno Stehling/DTP, Tsigkari&Davis&Aish/SMG-F+P, Rodia Valladares & Ana Flor,and Michael Weinstock

04/07/2011 George L. legendre appointed adjunct associate professor of architecture at Harvard University for 5 years.

04/07/2011 IT'S HERE! Advance copies of a beautifully produced 'Pasta By Design' circulated by publisher Thames & Hudson to   the London press. At the time of writing, reviews are scheduled to appear in Wallpaper*, The Financial Times,   The New Scientist, Dezeen, Grafik, Selvedge, Digital Arts, and the New York Times. 

30/06/2011 IJP's Ghost House PS1 proposal exhibited at MoMA as part of the YAP at MoMA show (closes september 2011).

21/05/2011 IJP and RSP win prestigious 2011 Singapore Institute of Architects (SIA) Design Award for Henderson Waves.

12/05/2011 George L. legendre gives public Expert Lecture at ICD stuttgart.

08/04/2011 George L. legendre gives public lectures in Hong-Kong (8/4) and the Shanghai study Centre (11/4) as a guest of the University of Hong Kong.

11/02/2011 IJP submits Ghost House at NYC MoMA PS1   2011 in New York.

17/12/2010 George L. legendre completes Harvard GSD design studio 'Rising Masses 2'.

28/11/2010 IJP 1 of 5 finalists NYC MoMA PS1   2011. Results in early 2011.

25/11/2010 Legendre gives public Dessau   lecture, Germany.

21/10/2010 Legendre gives keynote address at ACADIA 2010   conference in Cooper Union, New York Life in:formation. Other keynote speakers include Evan Douglis, Georges Teyssot, Antoine Picon and Karl Chu.

21/10/2010 Legendre talks to Stefano Boeri, Sanford Kwinter, Mohsen Mostafavi, Toshiko Mori and Bjarke Ingels for Abitare   and Harvard Design Magazine . Published in June 2011.

15/09/2010 IJP submits first phase of Astypalaia Master plan   on behalf of private investors.

15/06/2010 IJP, RSP and URA win 2010 Urban Land Institute Award for Excellence   in the Asia-Pacific.

04/06/2010 IJP submits Land Art Generator   competition entry. Proposal selected at the World Future Energy Summit as one of six pragmatic and constructible designs from the 2010 competition. Concept design & cost estimates for construction.

25/05/2010 Legendre invited to lecture in Stuttgart and Dessau   .

15/05/2010 IJP submits Hereford Buttermarket   competition entry

08/05/2010 Legendre joined Sanford Kwinter and Michael Hayes at Palladio Oggi conference at the Pierpont Morgan Library, New York. Public lecture The Last Revival: Digital Palladianism 1993-2011

23/04/2010 Legendre lectured at Hyperbody Delft .

05/03/2010 Legendre chairs widely successful mathematics conference at Harvard GSD. Speakers include Amy Dahan Dalmedico,Dennis Shelden, Antoine Picon, Ben Aranda, and Legendre himself. Keynote Lecture by Bernard Cache.

15/01/2010 IJP submits Cleveland Lakefront   competition entry

19/12/2009 Legendre completes Harvard GSD option studio Mies Immersion 2.

19/12/2009 IJP completes new book (more soon).

19/11/2009 IJP and RSP win a President's Design Award   in Singapore.

22/10/2009 IJP submits YEOSU competition entry

22/09/2009 Legendre lectures in Ann Arbor  

28/08/2009 IJP/tm deliver the Bat House

15/06/2009 IJP & submits Oslo Vestbanen & Pickering's f01(b) 

04/03/2009 IJP submits entry to the Art Fund Pavilion   contest.

01/03/2009 IJP /tm get planning for Bat House

31/01/2009 IJP submits entry to Thyssenkrupp Dubai competition

17/12/2008 Legendre teaches Harvard studio

18/11/2008 IJP lectures at Greenwich

22/10/2008 IJP on waf shortlist, Barcelona

03/10/2008 IJP lectures in Zurich

15/09/2008 IJP represents Europe at Beijing Biennale

02/06/2008 IJP in summer show of RA, London. more

01/05/2008 IJP's final lecture at the AA, London.

02/04/2008 IJP's work extensively profiled in RIBA journal

02/01/2008   IJP makes cover of >AA Files 56

02/03/2008 IJP lectures at Graz Mondays08

13/12/2007 IJP show in Walsall  

29/11/2007 .AA dip 5 student riba laureate

14/11/2007 Seroussi AA show opening

30/10/2007 IJP lecture at harvard and brighton.

13/10/2007 IJP submits 6 open competitions in 2007

02/05/2007 IJP delivers paper in Lisbon conference

25/06/2007 IJP on show in France .

23/02/2007 IJP submits invited competition. bd   has the story.

01/02/2007 IJP published in VERB natures >more

10/11/2006 our latest book is out >more

13/10/2006 IJP among top 5 under 40 in uk

10/07/2006 IJP represents uk at Bbeijing Biennale >more

01/04/2006 *NEW* publication by IJP

03/07/2006 IJP/AA evening lecture >more

01/02/2006 first IJP uk show

01/02/2006 *NEW* publication by IJP

01/01/2006 IJP has *NEW* central london offices

01/12/2005 Singapore weather report: tender kick-off

01/09/2005 Glasshouse Street feasibility report completed.

01/09/2005 IJP director published in AA Files 52 >more

01/07/2005 AA dip 5 earns honours degree

01/05/2005 Singapore approval-in-principle secured

01/03/2005 BD publishes IJP

01/02/2005 princeton term of IJP concludes

01/02/2005 IJP director lectures at Oxford Brookes

01/01/2005 IJP director and students of AA dip 5 take off to Tokyo.

01/09/2004 singapore weather report: scheme design begins

22/10/2004 IJP director lectures at eth zurich

25/09/2004 IJP director gives public lecture in princeton

01/09/2004 IJP wins open international competition >more

01/05/2004 IJP wins invited competition >more

Unit 6 SoDa Studios 268 Kingsland Rd London E84BH UK